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"Together" is the digital magazine of the Jagenberg Group. It features exciting articles and interviews about our projects and the people who create the future with us. Discover our world and find out what makes us tick!


Our sustainability strategy

About us

Increase manufacturing efficiency

The Digital business area focuses on improving processes in production and thus optimizing the efficiency of companies across the entire value chain.
With the@vanced integrative platform, we have created a holistic solution for this purpose. It provides connectivity and operability for the various systems of our customers as well as partners from neighboring industries intelligently. Based on the aggregated data, our customers are able to leverage synergy effects and tap new potential on their own.

In order to continuously develop our existing digital product portfolio, we are already working intensively on our future topics: ensuring technological progress, seizing the opportunities of digitization, and addressing climate change.
To this end, we are cooperating both within the Group and with other companies. Investments in promising start-ups and cooperation with universities complement these and secure our position as one of the leading providers of digital solutions in the mechanical engineering sector.

Services and Features

IIoT made in Europe 

As an elementary component of this, we have developed the integrative IIoT platform the@vanced, which conveniently offers intelligent services and more. It is aimed specifically at companies that process web-shaped materials or are active in an affiliated industry.

The system is the result of an intensive exchange between manufacturers and processors and offers an entry into intelligent production planning. the@vanced networks machines, their components, production systems and the participating companies at all levels and offers additional modules for process optimization. Electronic spare parts catalogs and interactive machine documentation enable optimized maintenance. The integrative platform makes information available that makes it possible to continuously increase productivity in manufacturing.

Internet of Things for slitting and winding technology

the@vanced offers digital intelligence for manufacturing. The IIOT platform (Industrial Internet of Things) connects machines, production and companies. It monitors production and bundles all relevant information for high production quality, resource conservation and low downtimes:

  • Machine data in real time
  • Detailed operating and process logs
  • Order overview and batch status
  • Maintenance videos and instructions
  • Spare parts information and ordering

Thanks to state-of-the-art web technology, the@vanced delivers this data on machinery, process flows and also the human factor conveniently and easily to the decision-makers' mobile devices - anywhere, anytime.
In this way, the platform enables safe, efficient production around the clock. Important decisions can be made quickly and objectively based on data.

Added value through digitized manufacturing

The intelligent services of the Digital business unit enable manufacturing at a new level. The basis is formed by the three pillars of efficiency:

Smart Production - being efficient

  • Analysis of orders, machines and teams
  • Retrieval of production data & machine status in real time
  • Exchange of data with other systems and processes
  • Digital logs of all manufacturing elements

Smart Maintenance - stay efficient

  • Easy access to spare parts information and maintenance videos via QR code
  • Overview of maintenance status and cycles

Smart Operation - Increasing Efficiency

  • Big Data: Using aggregated information to tap new potentials

Standard views or individual evaluations provide information as a basis for even more efficient production.

the@dge unit – Smart Data Harvester

There are many different factors that can influence maintenance cycles and product quality.
Different environmental characteristics have an immediate effect:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Vibration levels

the@dge unit is simply installed and connected via LAN cable (PoE) and communicates with the@vanced.

Another important aspect for increasing product quality and availability, but also a building block on the way to predictive maintenance, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


More than a saying. What is behind our motto and how we fill it with life every day.


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